Exercise: Incline Push-ups on Wall

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Exercise: Incline Push-ups on Wall

If doing classic pushups is too difficult, you can start with these incline push-ups to build strength.

Incline Push-ups are a great way to work your upper body using your own body weight. When done correctly, they will build chest and tricep strength. This is an exercise you can do ANYWHERE, so no excuses!

  1. Stand straight with your feet about 2-4 feet from a wall, depending on your fitness level. The further away from the wall you are, the harder the exercise will be.
  2. Now lean forward and place your hands on the wall at shoulder height.
  3. Keeping your body straight, bend your elbows and bring your body closer to the wall. At the bottom of the motion, elbows should be bent at a 90 degree angle.
  4. Push your body away from the wall to return to starting position. Elbows should be slightly bent.
  5. The goal is to be able to do three sets of:

10     Reps for Beginners
15    Reps for Intermediate
20     Reps for Advanced

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