Exercise: Triceps Kickbacks


Triceps kickbacks are a great exercise to completely focus on your triceps. They isolate the triceps using a specific movement. For this exercise to be effective, you need to be very aware of your form!

1. First, place your right hand and right knee on a bench for support. Keep your back nice and flat.

2. Slightly bend the leg you’re standing on.

3. The arm you are performing the exercise with should be kept tight to your body. Begin with your

elbow at a 90 degree angle.

4. Pay close attention to your form. It is very important. You must make sure your upper arm is parallel to the ground.

5. At a slow and steady pace, straighten your elbow and flip your palm upward. Then, return to the initial starting position.

6. Slowly repeat using a set of reps that matches your level of physical fitness.

Beginner 15 reps

Intermediate 12 reps

Advanced 8-10 reps

When beginning this exercise, you’ll want to start with lighter weights and more repetitions. As you grow more comfortable with proper form and as you become stronger, you can gradually increase your weights and decrease your repetitions to fit your specific fitness goals.

*ALWAYS consult your physician before starting a physical exercise routine.


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