Fox News Segment Visitors!

Hello to everyone visiting my site from my Fox News Segment! Glad to have you here. I wanted to show you around my website and point out all of the features and information it contains.

You can read my complete story about my journey through losing 167 lbs and becoming a personal trainer by clicking here, or on the About Me tab at the top of the page.

If you are interested in the services I offer, along with the prices, just simply click here or on my Services tab.

To meet with me for a Free Consultation, just click on the Contact Page tab or here for my contact information.

You can also visit my Testimonials tab to hear from my clients or click on the Why You Need a Personal Trainer tab to go over the key reasons why a personal trainer can help you change your life.

My website is updated three times a week with new healthy recipes, exercise tips, and overall healthy lifestyle posts. Hope to see you back here again!

Don’t forget you can schedule a Free Consultation with me for my Personal Training Services by emailing me here or calling me on my cell at 801 859 5013.

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