The Mental Side of Losing Weight (Conclusion)


1freeAlrighty, today we are at the end of my losing weight novel. Okay so it wasn’t a novel, but almost! 😉  I’m sure that by now, you have read the first 3 parts of this post and are dying to get Step 5. Well, lucky you! Here it is:

Step 5

This step has two parts. The first part is to keep your head in the game. I cannot stress the importance of this  enough. It is critical. When you are doing your workouts, listen to your body. If you know you are doing an exercise for your triceps, focus on your triceps. Do you feel them moving and working? Your time in the gym is yours. It’s just you and the weights. Bottom line- make it count.

The other part to this step is that you can’t quit when losing weight gets hard. You have to keep pushing through. Results will not come from quitting early. Now I’m not talking about pushing through obvious, blatant pain. But you have to know going into this that your muscles have to burn, you have to be sore if you want the results. You don’t lose a bunch of weight curling 5 lb. dumbbells for the rest of your life. You have to progress. As you get stronger  the weight you started with won’t feel challenging anymore, don’t keep playing around, up your weights. Again, I’m going to clarify.   I’m not talking about drastic jumps in the amount of weight you lift either. Make gradual changes. For example, if you start out light and it is not challenging, you can always go a little heavier, but if you go too heavy too fast, you’re going to get hurt.

Losing weight is tough, there is no getting around it. But tough and impossible are not the same thing. So, if you look around and find yourself sitting on the bottom of your cage, you have a choice to make. Stay in your cage and endure all the limitations that come with it or, set yourself free. Only you can decide. Only you can unlock the door. But I’m here to tell you, unlocking the door and flying free feels amazing!

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