The Mental Side of Losing Weight (Part2)


On Friday I posted part 1 of The Mental Side of Losing Weight. I mentioned that after writing the post it was quite lengthy (not to mention, full of information that I would rather you be able to think about and absorb, not feel overwhelmed with at the end of the post!) and so I have split it into smaller sections. Today I’m posting  Steps 1 and 2. Wednesday will be Steps 3 and 4, and then on Friday I will post Step 5 and finish it up.

Step 1

How do you set yourself free? You start with  a commitment. A commitment is defined as a pledge or promise. So, to commit to something is to promise to do it. We commit to our spouses, our children, our jobs, our religions, our friends, our relatives and complete strangers (Now don’t get that look on your face like I’ve gone  crazy, you do pay your bills don’t you?   Have you ever actually met the people at the bank in Wisconsin you send your car payment  into every month? I didn’t think so!). Why not commit to yourself? Don’t you deserve better health? Don’t you deserve to feel good about yourself? Yes you most definitely DO deserve it! You’re worth it!Make the commitment to yourself and type up some sort of contract for yourself and sign it. Make sure that you include a list of your motivations and also a list of goals you wish to achieve.

Step 2

Chances are if losing weight is a goal of yours, this is not the first time you have attempted to do so. The second step to setting yourself free  is to realize that no matter how many times you have tried before, this time is DIFFERENT!   The things that you have tried before didn’t work for you then, don’t do them now. Do something DIFFERENT! If you tried a weight counseling center and it left you feeling cold and icky, don’t go back! If you tried to go vegan and it didn’t stick for you that time, don’t give it another go! Do some research, check out your options! We have so much technology surrounding us, don’t be afraid to use it! Read books,  research online, ask questions and talk to people around you. Do whatever you need to that will help you  find a plan that feels comfortable to you.

Real Life Challenge:Okay, I’m giving you a homework assignment. Obviously, it’s up to you whether you do it or not, but for those of you who are really ready to make a change,  it will help. I want you to  think about where you are right now. Are you ready to commit yourself to better health? If so, make that commitment. Write or type up a contract with yourself and sign it. Don’t forget your lists of motivations and goals. Put them somewhere that you will see them frequently. Now jump to Step 2 and start doing your research. You know what hasn’t worked, start looking for something that will. Make a POA (plan of action). Then check back on Wednesday to get Steps 3 and 4. See ya then!

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