Chest Stretch


There’s nothing like a well deserved stretching session after an intense work out. This particular stretch is one of my all time favorites. This stretch is a perfect choice to improve posture as well. We spend so much time in our hurried and modern times hunched over either writing at a desk,  typing at a  computer or driving a car that the muscle fibers in our chests get tight and begin to pull our shoulders forward, creating the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ look. Sexy? Not so much. To avoid looking  like Quasimodo yourself, grab a stability ball and get to stretching!

1.  Sit on the ball so that your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. This ensures that the ball is the proper size for you.

2.  Tighten your core then  begin walking your feet forward and relaxing your torso, as if you were going to lie down. Continue to roll down on the ball until you come  to a position where your head and neck are supported by the ball as well as your upper back and shoulders.

3.  Relax your hips and bring your arms up above your head so that your body looks like a “Y” and then relax your arms. You should feel this stretch all through your chest and into your shoulders.

4. Hold for 30 seconds and then come back up to the beginning seated position. Repeat twice more for a total of three times.

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