IDEA World Fitness Convention in L.A.


In just 2 days I’m headed to L.A. (keep in mind I’ve only been out of the state of Utah like a whopping three times before in my whole life…needless to say, I’m just a little bit excited!) for the IDEA World Fitness Convention!! This is the longest running fitness convention in the world. There are 350 different workouts, workshops and lectures to choose from. I am so excited! I’m all  signed up for  my daily workouts, a few workshops and some really cool   lectures. I’ve got my bags packed and sitting by the door. The  kiddos are all divided up between my Mom and Sister for the days that I’ll be gone. Bring it on! I’m SO ready for this!!

I will be taking notes and learning  as much as possible while in L.A., in fact I’m sure I’ll come back with some things that will make fantastic posts here on! Speaking of posts, I won’t be posting again until next Wednesday (after I’ve  had a chance to get back from L.A. and get all the laundry done…Oi, I’m already dreading that part). I hope you have as fabulous a week as I’m going to have! See you all next Wednesday! 🙂

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