What’s Your Real Age?


Your daily habits have an impact on your health in a big way. The difference between simply brushing your teeth versus flossing and brushing your teeth is amazing. I found a ‘Real Age’ test online and thought you might be interested in finding out how old you really are. I’ve included a link, simply click on the link and you will be taken to the Real Age test. You’ll have to jump through the hoops and tell them yay or nay on being included on their mailing list and go through all the fine print yada, yada, yada….but it’s really cool! I took the test wondering where I was. My calendar age is almost 34. After taking the test my ‘real age’ is 23! Woo-hoo! I’ve been telling my kids for years that I feel younger than I actually am…now  I have proof!   Take the test and find out where you are! Then have your family take the test too. At the end of the test you get a “plan” to help you live your life to the youngest!  Two thumbs up.


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