Happy Thanksgiving


As I contemplated what to write about for this post, several things came to mind. I considered doing a food spotlight on turkey or cranberries or maybe a gentle reminder to watch your portion sizes tomorrow. I even considered a brief article on running (since so many people do either a 5K, 10K or some kind of jog). Ultimately, I decided not to write about any of those things.

I decided instead, to share with  you  a few of the things  I am grateful for this Thanksgiving. We all have so many blessing that we take for granted. Homes to live in , families to love  that love us in return, food to eat, clothes to wear, cars to drive, clean water to drink  and the list goes on, and on, and on. How often do we take the time to stop and think about our blessings and be truly grateful for them? Not often enough. I’m going to do just that.

I am thankful for my family.  As always, my  family tops the list. From my parents, who brought me into the world, to my  siblings and right  on down to my own kiddos. I am grateful for each and every family member in my life, for what they  have in the past and for what they currently contribute to my life. Each member of my family is  happy and healthy, for which I am truly grateful.

I am thankful for a home. In just three days, I will be moving from a small 900 sq. ft. apartment with one bathroom to a 3000+ sq. ft. house with two and a half bathrooms. Just close your eyes and imagine sharing a bathroom with five kids when everyone is trying to get out the door at about the same time…now you know exactly why I am so grateful for this move! In addition, the kids will have their own spaces and a fully fenced backyard to play in as well! I’ll get more than two feet of counter space and a bathroom all to myself…what’s not to love?

I am thankful for my clients. Each  one comes to me to for help in reaching one or more fitness goals. In the process of  providing them with the tools they need to do just that, I gain a friend. I appreciate each of my past, as well as my current clients and  am grateful for them. I am honored that each of them have chosen to place their trust in me. I am grateful that, because they trust me, they do the things I advise them to do and that they are all seeing success in their goals. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: I have the BEST clients in the whole world! Thank you to each of you for being who you are, and for being a part of my life!

In light of the holiday this week, as well as moving my family this weekend, I will not post again this week or next week either. I will begin posting again the week of December 6th. I hope each of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and that you enjoy your time spent with family and loved ones, after all, that’s what these holidays are all about.

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