The Joys of the Season


The picture I picked for this post says one word. Joy. Christmas is supposed to bring Joy and Peace, Love and Hope and all those other wonderful things to our hearts and to our homes. Well, I’ve not felt joy…instead, I feel stressed. I’m sure there are lots of reasons, but I know that one of them in particular is that Christmas is  drawing near and I am NO WHERE close to ready! Some people have been ready since August…I used to be one of the lucky few who had their shopping and wrapping all tied up by the end of summer to better appreciate the Christmas Season and to be able to do all the fun activities with the kiddos…

I was thinking back to those Christmas’ just  a few days ago, and I realized that this  year at our house, we’ve not done a single Christmas activity. We haven’t baked cookies or made made paper reindeers and traced the kids hands for the antlers, we haven’t driven around the neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights or  gotten out the glue and the glitter to make cards, we haven’t even made a paper chain… I’m a slacker in the Christmas activity department. That just won’t do.

So, I’m taking from today through New Year’s off of my posts ( along with cutting out a few more things) to spend some extra  time with my kids doing all the fun things they have come to count on each Holiday season. I will miss all of you, but I am looking forward  to the time I will have with my kids. Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year as well!

Psst! Get your New Year’s Resolutions all lined up and get ready to kick butt in 2011! The year is going to pass anyway, and if it goes as fast as this year did, it’ll be over before we know it! Might as well be a fit and healthy you in by the time it draws to a close!

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