Strength is More than Mere Muscles

One of the things I love most about my job is the people I get to know. Not only my clients, but the individual patrons and the employees of the Fitness Center as well. I consider myself blessed indeed to be in the midst of so many strong people. That doesn’t necessarily mean they can bench 350 pounds. But there is strength to be found in more than just our muscles and the amount of weight they can move.

As I get to know these amazing people and learn their individual stories, I am amazed at their strength. Situations that would leave me feeling overwhelmed, have not taken  these people hostage to play play the victim for the rest of their lives. Instead, they have risen above the mud and muck of the predicament they have found themselves in and they truly shine as an example to all the rest of us.

I have been lucky to have  strong women  in my life to be examples for me from a very young age. The first strong woman that comes to my mind is  my Mother. She always stood up for what was right and taught my siblings and I  to do the same. She is a hard worker and one of my favorite people to hang out with. I have learned so much from her and am grateful for  her influence in my life and in who I have become.

Let me tell you about my Mom. A year ago this last August, my Mom was diagnosed with Type  II diabetes. Like anyone else, she had two choices. She could have ignored  the diagnosis and continued on with life as usual or she could choose to  do something about it. She chose to make a change. She started researching and learning everything she could about diabetes, glucose and insulin, nutrition and how each of those topics affects our bodies. She changed her diet by cutting out all the garbage and everything processed, she started tracking her carbs by keeping a food journal and she added exercise to her daily life.

In doing such, her blood work came back normal in just three months! To date, my Mom (who I am SO proud of) has lost 134 pounds and dropped 14 dress sizes. All signs of Type II diabetes have disappeared completely and she is out there turning heads and dropping jaws…after all, she’s one Hot Mama! Mom, I love you and am so extremely proud of you and your accomplishments! You’re, hands down,  the BEST!

Obviously, I have known my Mom for a while now…but I know more women (and men too) who have stories that sound familiar to my Mom’s. I would like to begin spotlighting a few of them here on my website. Some of them are clients, others are friends, but I love them all for the impact they have had on me and on my life. Keep checking back to hear their stories. I  know that they will inspire you as they have me. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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