Enjoy The Ride


You know, sometimes life throws you a curve ball. You weren’t expecting it, you certainly didn’t plan on it, and it is most definitely NOT convenient. So, what are you going to do about it? Most people take one of two approaches to the problems that life  throws at us  to knock us off our game. I know I am guilty of it, and I know many others who are guilty as well. What is this big bad no-no that we all keep doing? STRESS.

I know several people who have had unfortunate and untimely situations arise in which they felt very overwhelmed and as if they had no control. None of us enjoy feeling this way. However, I have one question for you. Will stressing about it change anything about the situation? Make anything better? Nope. It won’t. Period. In fact, it will make things worse. How?

Stress is a killer. Literally. The side effects that stress has on our bodies is outrageous. There are a myriad of health concerns and diseases that all stem (in one way or another) from stress. Tight and tense muscles, headaches, stomach aches, ulcers…the list goes on and on, and ends up leading to  even more concerning health issues.

The stupid  thing is that we all go through it, we all do it, we all stress…and for what? A migraine? Brilliant! …or not. I don’t know a single individual who operates at a higher capacity with a stomach ache, a single person who has a clearer thought process with a migraine…okay, you get the idea. But on the other hand, it’s a much easier thing to say than it is to do.

I know, I have stress in my life as well as everyone else. There are definitely things that come into our lives that we have no control over. But that’s JUST IT! We have NO control over it! There isn’t anything we can do to change it, to make it go away or to make it stop. Since this is the case, it is up to us to make it as  endurable and, stay with me on this one, enjoyable as possible.

The bottom line is that life is full of ups as well as downs. Of course we all enjoy the ups more than the downs, but you can’t have the ups without the downs! And we all know what  we are gonna hear when we go for a roller coaster ride don’t we? Live life the same way!

Fasten your seat belt, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times and…..here it comes, are ya ready for it….ENJOY THE RIDE!

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