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I was driving to work the other day thinking about all the things that the new year would or could bring to me and my family. I thought about how much the kids will grow, the opportunities they will encounter to have new experiences, make new friends, learn new things and enjoy living life. I thought about my own life and what changes I might see as well, and then I thought about my business and the growth I want to achieve in that regard as well. As I sat there at a red light, listening to the  song on the radio and thinking about the things I’d like incorporate with my website to make it more informative and helpful I realized, I have 156 posts to write this year…and I’m three into it. Geez, no pressure…

While it is true that I will always have something to say or talk about when it comes to fitness, nutrition, being a fitness trainer in Sandy, and living a healthy lifestyle, I would love to hear  your thoughts. The whole reason I started this website was to educate people so that they had the information needed to make a positive change towards a healthier lifestyle, regardless of whether or not they could afford a personal fitness trainer in Sandy.

So tell me, what do you want to read about? Is there a particular topic, either fitness or nutrition, that you would like to learn more about? A specific exercise you would like to learn? A muscle group you have a hard time working properly, that you would like some tips or ideas to help make your workout  more effective? Have you heard a tall tale or rumor and want to know if it is true? Is there a certain type of post I am already currently posting that you would like to see me continue to post? I will say that it seems most of you like the recipes, so I will continue to do that. But what else would you like to learn from me as a fitness trainer in Sandy?

I’ve mentioned this once before, but I’m going to say it again. This year I would like to start sharing some success stories of “ordinary people” who have achieved extraordinary results by reaching  their  fitness goals. I’ll share with you how transforming their bodies has actually transformed their lives. I have the first three already picked out and am currently working on putting them together. I am proud of each and every one of them for their accomplishments and hope that each of you will find inspiration and renewed motivation upon reading their stories. Make sure to check back to catch those posts!

I  am also working on a contest that I will be announcing later in the year so keep checking back to learn more about that as well. I am super excited about it and am looking forward to launching it, it looks to be an amazing experience for all involved! I have a few more projects in the works as well and look forward to telling you more about each of them, when the time comes.

I honestly believe that when people support each other, positive changes can come about. I am I am truly passionate about what I do and I appreciate each one of you, your support and your encouragement. I love every aspect of my “job” as a fitness trainer in Sandy and look forward to what 2011 has in store for all of us. It looks to be an exciting year here at Transformation Training, and I am thrilled to have each of you come along for the ride!

Please feel free to leave a comment stating what information you’d like to see here on! Any comments left have to be approved by me before they post to the site, so if you don’t want your comment to be visible to others, just make a note of it and I’ll make sure to keep it between you and me. 😉 Help me make the best it can be! Thanks in advance for your comments and again for your continued support!

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