Treats Are Tricky



Ahhh, it’s Halloween. I’ll be honest, it’s my least favorite of all the holidays. It’s not the dressing up I dislike, that’s kinda fun. It’s not the pumpkin carving or the although honestly they aren’t as cute as Santa with his sleigh and 8 little reindeer. It’s mainly all the blankety-blanking candy the kids go out and collect. Little ghosts and goblins go out in disguise on Halloween night roaming the neighborhoods near and far all in an effort to collect pillowcases full of, candy. Ugh.

I don’t take my kids trick or treating. Diabetes runs in the family on both sides for them so we quit doing that a few years ago in an effort to stabilize blood sugar and therefore, their health as well as Mom’s sanity. Rather than taking them out to collect bunches and bunches of candy that in the end causes them ill health, we all get dressed up in our costumes and go out to a movie, to a corn maze or a Halloween  party we have been invited to. It’s a positive way to take trick or treating out of the picture without making my kiddos feel like they are being deprived.

In an effort to keep my readers well informed, (;)) I’m posting a chart comparing the nutrition facts of some of the most popular Halloween handouts.


Obviously, avoiding the treats altogether is the best option, but if you decide to have a few, watch your portions and make sure to get in a little extra exercise too! On the bright side, the chart tells you how many extra calories to burn off at the gym the next day! 😉



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