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Previously, I have made mention of some exciting things happening at Transformation Training this year. I’ve spoken of my excitement about the things I would like to/will be implementing this year. It’s time to let you all in on the first of many things to come this year!

I’ve had an idea for a kick ass class running around in my head for a while now. I wanted to get it out of my head and into the gym so I had been looking for a trainer I wanted to work with. I found him. I mentioned I had an idea for a class and that I wanted to team teach it with a male instructor to draw more than just females to the class. We set up a meeting where I shared my ideas with him, he shared his ideas with me, we addressed all the details and when we were all done, this class is gonna be even more kick ass than I had originally planned! I am BEYOND excited about this! Find out more about it by reading below.

Find out who you are,

How much you can do,

And what you can change

when given


This high energy, calorie incinerating, result driven class is team taught by Randy Dunfield and Laura Butters who are both certified personal trainers, understand the body, how it works and moves, and how to apply that knowledge to achieve change and get results. No Limits will cover all the bases including nutrition, a food log program, workouts, exercise demonstration, weigh ins, measurements and body fat testing all aimed at keeping you on track, accountable, working out on your own during non class days and maximizing your results. The first class will cover curriculum and expectations, therefore attendance is a must. Each 4 week package purchased will receive 2 bonus classes, free of charge. No Limits will be held Monday & Wednesday nights, 6pm at the South Jordan Fitness Center located at 10866 S. Redwood Road.

How much can YOU change in

90 days?

4 weeks (8 classes + 2 Bonus)         $150

8 weeks (16 classes + 4 bonus)       $265

12 weeks (24 classes + 6 bonus)     $375

For more information contact Laura @ 801-859-5013

-Classes begin Feb. 28, 2011-

Sign up @ the front desk of the Fitness Center

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