Really Think About It


When I found this image online, I knew I wanted to use it in  a post. When you read the words written over the image, what is your answer to the question? If you’re anything like me, you really have to stop and think about it, don’t you?

I took this question to heart and spent weeks thinking about it. I now have a very clear, definitive answer to the question in the picture. What’s more, I applied it to all the different areas of my life, not just a few or even my life in general. Upon some serious thinking, I found myself writing new, harder to reach goals for myself, just to put myself outside my comfort zone, the only place we can truly achieve growth.

I have mentioned in a couple of my posts this year that I have exciting things planned for Transformation Training; this picture is where  some of them originated, several of them I would not have even dared dream of just a year ago today. How ironic.

I believe that we all have unlimited potential inside us all. I believe that though times can most definitely be difficult, challenging, frustrating and confusing, we have the ability within ourselves to, not only rise above, but to overcome to the point of utter triumph.

With that being said, I am issuing each of you a challenge. I want you to really think about the question. Give it some diligent thought, keep in mind your current goals, whether they be fitness related or not, and then apply them in your mind as if you have already reached them…how will it make a difference in the person you’ll be, the life you’ll live, and the people you’ll effect in one year from today?

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