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Hello Everyone! I have to admit that 99 percent of the time when I sit down to write a post I don’t get writer’s block like I have this time. Usually a topic pops into my mind and I go to town…not so much today. As I have gone back and forth on what I should write about…written, then re-written and finally deleted everything I has typed out (several times over) I have come to the conclusion that this week’s post will be a little different than usual.

I thought I’d shine the spotlight on a few people whom I admire, appreciate and respect, albeit each for different reasons, and their blogs. There is a wealth of useful knowledge out there on the web and these three gals are contributors in different, but awesome ways!

1.   Lizzie Fitness

This blog is run by my good friend Lizzy. I’m sure that each of you have seen at least one or two of her comments here on Lizzy blogs about the same things I do; health and fitness, although her blog is on a much more personal level as she shares information about her own workouts as well as the things she has found intriguing and useful. She’s awesome at passing on anything she feels might be helpful to someone out there who is going through the weight loss struggles that plague our country. I adore Lizzy and am extremely grateful for her, and her influence, in my life. Make sure to check out her blog by clicking  here.

2. Darla Defeats Diabetes

This blog is run by a client of mine, Darla Wardle. She is an amazing woman who is inspiring women across the country with her story of defeating diabetes. She was diagnosed several years ago and hadn’t done much about it until a visit to the optometrist found that she was on track to losing her sight. She snapped into action and you can’t slow her down now!   Several weeks ago, Darla fell while riding her bike and sustained a broken shoulder…but on her blog is a picture of Miss Darla on the elliptical with her arm in a sling! She amazes me with her strong will to come off conqueror over diabetes. Join in her triumphant march to victory and follow her progress here.

3.   Barbara Bakes

This blog is full of recipes that will tempt the best of them! Barbara offers loads and loads of tempting treats, mouthwatering main dishes and side dishes that will make you salivate! Now, not all of them are “healthy” or “light” but she has quite a few that even those of us watching our waistlines can indulge in. I recently did a guest post on her site, and would like to thank her again for the opportunity! Her readers are kind and gracious and I enjoyed reading their comments. Check out Barbara’s blog here.

I hope you all enjoy these women and their blogs! Like I said earlier, there is a lot of useful information out there on the web and I am lucky indeed to know three women in particular that help contribute! Love ya ladies! 🙂

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