Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…We All HaveThem




It’s been a long week…of the hellish variety. As if a pulled hammy and a broken arm wasn’t enough at our house, we added a broken finger and a mini meltdown (I’m proud to report it was NOT my meltdown, thank you very much). On the bright side, that’s three, “stuff” always happens in three’s, so I’m thrilled to announce to the world that my life can resume  it’s normal chaotic level rather than continue at the higher level we have been experiencing at any point…no really, I’m ready….how about now? 🙂

With the kids heading back to school last week, I spent my evenings after work reminding children that 5 x 5 is indeed 25, that when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking and that there really IS a point to writing your name on the top of your paper NEATLY so your teacher can read it.

The above cartoons struck me as funny. I get excuses from clients all the time. The three above comics ring so true it’s almost scary. I figured that since I was giving you guys this poor excuse for a blog post this week, I should probably at least try to put a smile on your face in doing so…there ya have it. So just like the title of this post states, we really do all have excuses…even personal trainers, on occasion. 😉  Have a great week!

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