The Skinny On Protein


When it comes to weight loss, there are some general rules that most people understand go hand in hand with the process. Everyone knows if you want to lose weight, you have to eat “better” and most folks realize that exercise is a key component as well. In today’s post I want to focus more on the nutrition side of weight loss than the exercise portion. In fact, I want to talk specifically about protein and it’s role in weight loss…especially for women.

When most women hear the term protein associated with working out their minds pulls up images of muscle clad, vein popping bodybuilders and they instantly decide it’s not for them. Oh reeeaally? There are a lot of rumors floating around that mislead women into thinking that eating protein and working out will leave you looking like Popeye after downing a can of spinach or, worse yet, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m here to tell ya that it’s just NOT going to happen. If only it were that easy!

Getting enough protein in your daily diet is no small task, especially for women. I have had more female clients who shy away from meat and dairy products than male clients, which I can understand as I myself feel the same way about it; especially red meat. Additionally, it’s a lot harder to take protein along with you when you are constantly on the go.  In general, protein takes prep work as well as refrigeration, making it harder to fit in during the day, especially on a busy day.  You’re not likely going to find many women pulling a grilled chicken breast out of their purse.

Protein is key in the process of weight loss.  It helps stabilize blood sugar by slowing down the rate that carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and it’s absorption into the bloodstream. Even high glycemic carbs can be moderated so that your blood sugar  doesn’t  spike and crash like a roller coaster by pairing them with protein when eaten. What does this mean?  Well, if you’re not riding the blood sugar roller coaster you won’t experience highs and lows in your energy level and those fun cravings that hit mid afternoon to eat everything in sight including the kitchen sink.  In short, control blood sugar and you’ll control cravings. Controlling cravings leads to success in your weight loss goals. Success equals a win-win situation!  See, protein is your friend!

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