I Dare Ya!

How many times have you heard the words “I dare ya!”, especially as you were growing up?  True, all too often it was preceded by the words “double-dog” as in, “I double-dog dare you”.  So what does this really mean and what does it have to do with health and fitness?  Well, according to Webster.com, DARE means “to have courage, to challenge, to confront, to act with imaginative or vivacious boldness”.  Hmm…I like it!  The double-dog adjective simply ups the ante or degree of the challenge (which I am *totally* okay with).  Now for the connection…and my dare.

Here we are, two weeks prior to the Christmas and New Year holidays.  This is often a time associated with indulgence and excess.  The dare?  To negotiate this time period without packing on the guilt.  I’ve written several blogs posts full of tips on how to negotiate the food side of the holidays, so this post deals more with the other side.

As you think back to the holidays growing up, do you remember food greater than you remember family fellowship times, being around loved ones (especially those who are no longer with us), and playing games?  Yes, I remember specific foods too (some that were actually good, some that we made fun of when no one was looking), but more than the greasy stuff, the sweet stuff, and the various jell-o concoctions (by the way, whose idea was it to put shredded carrots in lime jell-o anyway?  I mean, YUCK!  Whoever it was, they should be shot), I remember playing and good family times.  Don’t have family close by?  Get together with friends or look at serving the needs of those less fortunate in this world.  This is the stuff lasting memories are made of.  Indulge in making memories this season…I DARE ya!

As we near the end of the year, now is a good time to  reassess  your health and fitness goals.  Whether you are a lifelong fitness guru, or a newbie only a few months into your journey, take a few moments and assess your goals.

  • Are you including the right mix of exercises each week? –  Cardio vs Strength, muscle balance to avoid injury, any rehab exercises for injuries already sustained,  do you have correct form for the exercises you have chosen?  If you don’t know the  answers to  these questions, seek them out (i.e., hire/talk with a trainer, take an instructional class, do some research — just do it. If you don’t, your hard work may not be gaining you the progress you expect — and no one has time for that).
  • Are your workouts frequent enough to continue with forward progression?
  • How are you doing with your nutrition?
  • Are you getting that extra fiber in, those fruits and vegetable requirements, or your water intake?
Taking a few minutes to  reassess  all of these goals will allow you to make any course corrections before the end of the year and have them almost to habit level by January 1.  Go ahead…I DARE ya!

Need a little more DARE help?

How about this:

Do  – action verb, get off the couch, out from behind the desk, and move!
All – everything you planned, don’t short change yourself!
Right – anything worth doing is worth doing RIGHT!
Earnestly  – sincerely, purposefully, every time – after all you’re worth it!

And finally…


As you finish up your holiday plans and  reassess  your health and fitness goals, don’t be afraid to reach for the stars that you know are out there.  For that matter, reach for the stars you don’t even know exists yet.  Trust me, they ARE there.


Not only who you want to be at this time in your life but also the you that you want to be in the future.  It’s interesting to see how your definitions will change as you progress along your journey.  Take notes…you’ll amaze yourself, I promise.


As we grow, we change physically, mentally, and spiritually–embrace the inner YOU, it’s someone to be PROUD of!

So go ahead…  I double dog dare ya! 😉

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