Fitness Setbacks and Speed Bumps


Everyone who has ever set out to reach a goal, be it fitness related or not, has experienced (at the very least) a setback or two. How we choose to handle these setbacks defines us and ultimately, decides whether or not we actually meet our goals.

Setbacks, be they an unexpected injury/health concern, financial issue, emotional issue, plateau or otherwise, are frustrating to say the very least.  Especially when they come after we have experienced some success and progression towards our goal. To then hit the proverbial wall, especially when we have no idea how long we will remain at said wall, can feel not only frustrating but overwhelming and unbearable.

Our personality, attitude and outlook on life has a HUGE influence on how we handle these kinds of situations. Do we stand tall, chin up, smile in place and face it head on or do we cower in a corner afraid of the unknowns?  Do we seek answers to our questions and try to find solutions to the issues we face or do we stay in bed and throw a pity party for one?  This is where each of our  innate personalities come into play. We all have the choice, we all get to decide how we handle each trial, issue and setback placed in our path.

As you may recall from an earlier post, I talked about the difference between the soft path and the hard path. I’ve placed an excerpt from my November 1, 2010 post to review below…

Recently, I had the opportunity to take some training sessions with a man who talked briefly about the  paths of life. He said  there are only two paths in life,  the hard path and the soft path. Most people take the soft path because it is comfortable. If you choose to walk the  soft path, you can expect a pretty uneventful experience. You will not come across anything that will make you feel too challenged. Nothing that will feel  too difficult or hard. Nothing that would require you to get  too dirty and nothing that would make you feel  too uncomfortable. However, when you get to the end of the soft path, you’re not much stronger, wiser, braver or more self confident either.

On the other hand, there is the hard path. There  is a reason that the hard path is named what it is! There’s no sugar coating, no creamy nougat center and there is no candy coating shell. It’s hard. It’s steep. It’s difficult. It’s rocky,  bumpy and muddy all at the same time. And as if that’s not enough, there are huge obstacles placed in your way that you  must  get around. Giving up is  not an option on the hard path. It is a path that requires motivation, dedication, hard work, sweat, sacrifice and perseverance to  follow, but if you follow where this path leads you, the rewards are amazing! At the end of the hard path lies a you that is self confident, strong, healthy, wise and happy, and that is just the beginning.

As we walk through life, we must choose one path or the other, that much is inevitable. What kind of you do you want to see in the mirror each day? The you that will be  the end result  of the soft path, or the you that will be carved and chiseled out by hard path?  I urge each of you  to  pick your path wisely, there is a lot at stake. Time will march on regardless of which path you choose to walk and the  decisions you make from that point on. Whether or not I had begun my journey back  in 2006, I would still be here in 2010, albeit a different person altogether. I can tell you from  my heart and my own experiences, that  what you do today  matters more than you could ever dream of in terms of the life you’ll live in each and every one of your tomorrows. The person that I am today, is a direct result of  choices I made then. Apply your strengths to overcoming your weaknesses and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

…keeping this in mind, are you going to allow a setback, no matter it’s size, intensity or length it must be endured to stop you from being the you that you’re meant to be?

Most of us will go out of our way to help someone else in any way, shape or form.  f someone else’s betterment is at risk, we are much less likely to give up and quit for fear of letting them down. But for some reason we have no problem what so ever letting ourselves down…why is that? Why would we  allow a temporary situation to become  permanent, especially when it is an  undesirable situation that we set out to change in the first place? When put that way, it doesn’t make much sense, does it?

A close friend of mine posted on facebook the other day that she was having a hard time getting to the gym that day for her workout.  As her friend, and her trainer, I know what her fitness goals are; she wants to compete as a fitness model (up on stage in a bikini mind you). I offered her some friendly advice/motivation.  I’d like to share it with all of you as well:

“We all need motivation every now and then. Life has a way of getting to us sometimes, that’s normal. The important thing is that, when you notice this happening, you stand up (literally if necessary) and take the bull by the horns (totally figuratively on this one…lol). You know what your goals are, but only you can decide how important REACHING those goals is to YOU. When you’re having an off moment where you’re having a hard time getting to the gym…just think of your goals…BUT…think of them in a different light. Don’t think of them as if you still have to achieve them, think of how you’re going to feel when you’re standing on stage…crowd cheering…what thoughts are you going to have at THAT moment? I can tell you right now, at that moment, if I asked you the question, “Was all that gym time worth it?”, your answer would be “HELL YES!!”, wouldn’t it?!!  You know I’m right. Somewhere in our not so distant futures, we all have an improved version of ourselves standing there…just waiting on the current version of ourselves to get busy and uncover them. So get your ass to the gym girl…don’t keep her waiting!”

So, on your journey to improve your life and reach your goals, will you allow the speed bumps along the way to keep you from your finish line?


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