Friendly Reminders…We All Need Them Every Now and Then

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One of my favorite parts of my “job” as a personal trainer in Sandy is being able to help someone understand a concept they’ve been struggling with. I’ve had a lot of questions lately about some of, what I call, “the basics”. I figured now was as good a time as any for a refresher course. So, today’s post is a menagerie of helpful nutrition, personal trainer in Sandy, and exercise tips to remember…you’re welcome! 🙂

 Nutrition Tips

  • Keep a food log. I cannot stress enough just how important this is!! I highly recommend, it has a huge database of food as well as an option to add your own homemade recipes. The only thing that I dislike about this particular food log is that it doesn’t give you an estimated caloric burn for lifting weights…and trust me, you burn calories when you lift weights! I’m a personal trainer in Sandy, I would know!
  • Watch your nutrient ratios. Carbs should be right around 40%, leaving 30% for protein and 30% for fat.  Having your nutrient ratios out of whack is going to lead to one place…frustration.
  • Regarding nutrient ratios, make sure to incorporate each nutrient in each meal/snack that you have throughout the day. Use your food log to do a “mock-up” of what your ratios would look like if you were to eat a certain thing for a meal or snack. It’s an awesome tool to help you avoid the shock of ” Nu-uh. No way! There’s how many calories in that? Oh my gosh, you have got to be kidding me!”
  • Make sure to replenish carbs immediately following your workout and follow up with lean protein within the hour following your workout. This especially important if you’ve got me as your personal trainer in Sandy. 😉
  • Drink water…and lots of it. A gallon a day is ideal. If your eyes are popping out of your head at the thought of drinking a gallon of water a day, let me break it down for you and make it a little easier to swallow…pun intended.  😉  Just drink a cup (8 oz.) of water every hour on the hour from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. Most of us are awake (at the very least) 16 hours a day, and as you know, 16 cups is a gallon. Ta-da!

Exercise Tips

  • Always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise or personal trainer in Sandy program to ensure that you are not at risk of an injury. Once cleared by your doctor, you’re ready to begin!
  • Start slow, there’s no fire! Even more importantly, people who try and jump into it with all their gusto usually end up one of two places; injured or so frustrated that they give up. Obviously, we don’t want either of those things happening to you!
  • Choose activities that you actually enjoy! If you’re a cardio junkie and enjoy the thought of getting  acquainted  with the  elliptical for a half hour, then by all means, cardio away! On the flip side, if the thought of spending a half hour on the treadmill makes you borderline suicidal (like me) then find other options to get your cardio in.  My absolute favorite way to do my cardio is to talk a brisk walk/jog around the lake. It’s anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour depending on how fast I’m walking/jogging…perfect!
  • If you’re not incorporating weight lifting into your workouts, what in the world are you waiting for? If you are already lifting weights, make sure you are switching it up on a regular basis. Our bodies adapt in 7-10 days. If you want to avoid a plateau, you have GOT to switch it up!
  • Feel the burn baby! Our bodies are incredible, there’s no doubt about that. They will adapt to just about anything! So in order to make sure that they don’t adapt to our workouts, switching it up is the first key, but actually working to failure is the second.  If you want to  achieve  change (no matter what kind of change it may be i.e., weight loss, building muscle, gaining strength, etc.) you have GOT to push to failure. Without pushing to failure you are not pushing the limits, so to speak. You are not asking your body to go somewhere it cannot already go.  Without pushing, you won’t achieve change. Period.
Okay folks, there ya have it. A refresher course on “the basics”. So now that you have all this information running around in your head, go put it to good use! 🙂



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