By The Power Of…


If you grew up around the same time frame as I did (nice try, I’m not telling you how old I am), you already know who the two figures above are…or at least, you should! I remember sitting down to watch He Man and She Ra (The Princess of Power) every day with my younger brother. It seemed that just when the situation would seem dire and impossible, somehow He Man, She Ra or a combination of the two, would save the day. When my cousins would come over to play, there was never any question as to which game we were going to play, just the question of who was who this time around. We turned sticks into swords, and before ya knew it, by the power of Grayskull, we had the power!  In our minds, we WERE INDEED transformed into our cartoon heroes. And we would play like that for hours.

I look back on those times now and it brings a smile to my face. Those times are without a doubt fond memories that I will cherish for years to come. However, even more than that, I look back on those times and wonder if I realized the message that our games embedded in our minds. I strongly doubt that, as a 7 year old girl, I fully comprehended the ideals and mentalities I was sending myself.  When the situation is dire, when all hope seems lost, simply hold your stick (which I swear to you always looked like She Ra’s sword in my mind’s eye) and call on the power of Grayskull. Lol. Okay, okay, maybe not Grayskull now that I’m all grown up.  Maybe you believe in God, maybe you believe in a higher power of another kind. Maybe you only believe in being the best you possible. Regardless of what you believe in, we all call on the power of…something deep inside us when we feel we are at the road’s end. By doing so, we are able to “save the day” so to speak, to come through unbelievable and excruciatingly hard circumstances holding our head’s high and having a deep sense of accomplishment.

Life throws obstacles at us all the time. Sometimes it’s a plateau, sometimes it’s an issue with a loved one, it could be a work related stress or even something as simple as needing a change in the weather.  Everything we experience has an impact on our daily life, which in turn has an impact on our fitness goals (and whether or not we reach them). The one thing we all get to choose, no matter what, is how we react. Choose wisely, taking a detour around the obstacles thrown in our path always takes more time than dealing with it head on.

Seriously though, think about it. When life deals you situations that feel as if all hope is lost, call on the power of…well, you fill in the blank here, and then go make it happen.

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