Some Exciting News!


Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!  I have been soooooo excited to share this with all of you! A few months back, I was contacted by a publisher. They were putting together a book called The Cutting Edge of Fitness. It was to be a collection of interviews from various personal trainers from across the country each viewed as what they referred to as “a real world expert”. Apparently, they heard about me in an odd twist of events and after checking out my website and reading my story, felt like I was a good fit! Exciting huh??

After the interview, I was told they would let me know when the book was available.Well, I  received  an email from the publisher letting me know that the book is now on and is available for purchase! I checked it out online and it looks like I’m Chapter 3…not bad for my first book debut  huh? Lol!

If you’d like to order the book off of amazon, click here for  a direct link.

Happy Reading!!  🙂

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