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There is a lot of uncertainty when a person first decides to make fitness and fitness training in South Jordan an important part of their life. So many questions. So much confusion. My hopes is that today’s post will provide some clarity for you, or someone that you know and love, which will allow the decision to make fitness a priority in life an easier one.

Through my fitness training in South Jordan, I’ve worked with clients of all shapes and sizes, from every financial background  imaginable, from all walks of life, from different ethnic backgrounds and from one end of the age spectrum to the other. Want to know the questions that every single one of them asks me? Yes you say? Well then, you’re in luck. Read on my friend, read on.

1. I’ve been working out now for three weeks and the scale says I’m up four pounds. How can that be?

When you first begin working out, participating in fitness training in South Jordan, especially if weight lifting is a part of your new found workout routine, your body holds onto extra water. See, our bodies adapt to all of the situations we put them into including, but not limited to, an extremely sedentary lifestyle. Think of it in the terms of supply and demand. When you aren’t demanding a lot of energy output from your body, it has no need to supply said energy, therefore your metabolism stays at a minimum. When you begin a fitness routine, all of a sudden you have demanded more energy from your body than you had been previously. Of course, your body supplies you the energy you have demanded but because this is “new” to your body it retains some water.  Why?  Because EVERY single metabolic process in our bodies requires water. You’ve just asked for energy production to be increased.  It’s like you are the boss walking into a factory and ordering the daily quotas to be increased. While that can be done, it’s going to cost you more employee pay as there will have to be another shift added as well as higher utility bills seeing that more power, water and gas will be getting used throughout the day. Same thing with your body…only your body needs more water. Make sense? Now, once it gets used to this higher energy output you are demanding (and once you become properly hydrated) it will let go of the excess water and those pesky four pounds will go away…but ya gotta stick with it in order to know that. Until then, ya just gotta trust me. Lol

2.  I’ve been eating much better in the last few weeks, but I’m just soooooo hungry. Why?

Well, there are a couple of reasons for this actually. One, your  stomach needs to shrink back down to the size it is supposed to be. Most people who are not extremely conscious of it have no control whatsoever over the size of their portions. As a result, the stomach actually gets bigger to  accommodate  the large amounts of food being taken in (which of course leads to obesity). It takes a few weeks for your stretched out stomach to return to it’s normal size, be patient, it’s worth waiting for I promise.

The second reason you feel hungry after eating a meal when you start cleaning up your eating habits is the reduced fat content of healthy foods vs. the foods that were being eaten previously. A standard “value meal” at most fast food places is well over 1500 calories and 60 grams of fat (Uhmm, that’s a whole DAY worth of fat grams by the way). Compare that to a healthy home cooked meal of 550-600 calories and 5 to 10 grams of fat, and the difference is mind boggling!!  Fat is what we call satiable, meaning it makes you feels satisfied (i.e., full). You sit down and consume 60 grams of fat in one setting and you bet your bottom dollar, you’re going to feel full. When you are used to eating that way and you begin eating the more healthy options and home cooked meals that don’t even have a quarter of the amount of fat you’re used to, you can (once again) bet that same bottom dollar  that you’re not going to feel full. BUT, because our bodies are so cool, they will adapt to this as well!  It takes some patience. It takes dedication and willpower and determination, but I promise you it’s soooo worth it!!

I remember so clearly going through these adaptations  myself. I remember too that it wasn’t easy at the time…there were days it took everything I had to not get in the car and head to Carl’s Jr. There were days I tell you what….but I made it, and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing I feel now. Stick with it, stick with your fitness training in South Jordan, don’t give up, you deserve this and you ARE SO WORTH IT!  🙂


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