Orange, Gold, Blue and Green In The Gym


Last week we talked about personality types and how each of the four colors have their own strengths and weaknesses. This week, I want to break it down a little more, dissect it, if you will. On the shoe above, all four colors are included. Similarly, all four color types need to be able to feel included in the gym experience. Let’s talk about how each color type can help themselves have a more rewarding and successful experience with working out.

First, we talked about the expressive/gold group. These are they who are gregarious and people-pleasing. Often, they look at exercise as a way of meeting other people. Although they may not always have their facts straight, expressive people are fun to be with. If you have a workout partner who is expressive, there will be some time spent exercising but, be aware that you may actually spend more time talking or “hanging out” rather than actually exercising. Next time you’re at the gym, look around. You’ll see a lot of expressive people in the gym simply because they love being around people. If you yourself are gold, you are going to have to “reel yourself in”, so to speak, when at the gym and exercising turns into socializing. Make a deal with yourself that after x amount of hard core focused work out time you get y amount of talk time with your friends. Finding a work out buddy that is NOT a fellow expressive/gold is extremely important for you as well. Golds tend to achieve better results when they have someone to whom they feel accountable (i.e., a workout partner, spouse, personal trainer, etc.). Likewise, they need a little help staying on track with a good nutrition plan as well. They don’t feel near as much guilt letting themselves down as they do someone else. Keeping this in mind, a food log can help immensely, even if you are only showing it to your friend, spouse, workout buddy, etc. it still provides a sense of accountability which will help you stick to it and, in the end, get better results.

Specific Needs: Gold’s need specific steps, numbers (reps and sets), and a full workout plan. Typically, you’ll do best following someone else’s plan and not implementing/creating one of your own routines. Reader’s Digest version? Use a program and keep track of your results as you progress.

Next, we talked about the folks who fall into the driver/orange group. You can tell when you meet an orange because they always want to get to the bottom line. Oranges are good leaders, but they need to be aware that they can trample over other people if they are not careful. When in the gym, you can tell the orange/driver personalities by their focus. When they workout, they are intensely focused and very direct. Efficiency is extremely important to them. Because they are direct, assertive and competitive oranges do not have a hard time creating or focusing on hitting goals. What they do lack is flexibility. I don’t mean the touch your toes kind of flexibility either. Oranges are so focused on achieving the end goal, that the workout is viewed as the pathway to said goal. If anything messes with the workout, including you, you have messed with an orange and they don’t take it nicely with a smile. If your workout partner is a n orange, be prepared to kick some ass. They never walk into the gym and take it lightly. There will be little talk time, little socializing as oranges are focused on the workout more than anything else.

Specific Needs: Somewhere to work out, it doesn’t really matter where, just somewhere with adequate space. They typically use minimal equipment and adapt their workout to their environment. Definitely vary the equipment and methods you use, include TRX, kettlebells, dumbbells, machines, working out outside, and varying workouts each week. Oranges tend to get in a “rut” with their workouts, make sure you avoid this as it causes the body to adapt and puts the kibosh on progress. Results will be seen as long as the stimulus varies.

Third we discussed the analytical/blue group. They will analyze physical fitness and exercise. It is very common for them to create a pros and cons list for various exercise programs before they decide and embark on any certain exercise routine. Although they may get analysis paralysis in the beginning, once they make a decision on improving their physical fitness they usually stick to it longer than most people. That’s because they feel they have done their “due process” and analysis and now simply have to carry out and execute the plan accordingly. Because blues are so dependent upon a workout partner themselves, they make great workout partners for other blues. Two blue workout partners will most likely see their goals reached, though their progress may be slow and sure, it will be there none the less as they encourage each other across the proverbial finish line.

Specific Needs: Blues NEED to work out with someone, especially if they are of a different fitness level. They are much more comfortable to have someone there to guide them. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a trainer or coach but having someone to encourage and keep them on track is crucial for blues. Working out with a partner, or a trainer, is the best way to ensure success for blues. (Keep in mind, similar fitness levels are not a must, you just need someone who can motivate and inspire you).

Last, but certainly not least, we talked about the amiable/green group of folks. Greens are soft-spoken and sensitive. In most cases, they will do their exercise program from home (which is a good place to start), or they will venture to the gym, but only when it is not too busy (early in the morning or late in the evening). Most of the time, they can be “bossed around” by those with more domineering personalities or social styles (usually the expressive and driver). They prefer to work out in places that are out of the way (such as a little corner of the gym that is unoccupied or a hidden alcove). They are TERRIFIED of the weight room because of the domineering muscle men that are so plentiful inside it. They have excuses for EVERYTHING. Having a work out partner or trainer is going to give greens much better results as greens are very capable of talking themselves out of going to the gym for any plethora of scenarios.
Specific Needs: Greens like to know the “how and why” of the routine. Typically, they will research different methods and equipment, ask questions then wait to start a program before they feel confident in the approach chosen. Workouts must be research-proven and science-backed. Greens should not be afraid to ask questions about the methods or principles behind the program they are participating in whether that be a group exercise class or working with a trainer, questions are very important for greens.
If you’re like me, and I guarantee you are, you are most likely a combination of several of these social styles. That’s okay! It is important that we know when we display our analytical, amiable, expressive, or driver sides and how we can ensure that we do not limit ourselves and stop our own progression. Is one social style better than the other? Of course not! Like I said earlier, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and likewise, so do these personality groups. It is my opinion however, that because physical fitness is an important part of our lives, we should know ourselves, our personality, how we approach and how we can benefit most from physical fitness. I hope you have learned something about yourself and how you can better approach fitness to secure your own success. 🙂

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