Pinterest? No, I’m not Addicted…

I’m not addicted. I’m really not. I can quit whenever I want…I just don’t wanna miss anything good, that’s all!! Lol.

Okay, seriously…is anyone else addicted to Pinterest? Oh my gosh, it’s like I can’t quit checking it on my phone!! I mean, come on, I might miss something and have to scroll for 3 days to find it…even though, in all seriousness, how would I even know I’d missed it, right?  Oh jeez. Lol.pinterest-150x150

One of my favorite things to pin is new exercises, routines and workouts (Guess it’s the workoutaholic in me).  Second is new recipes to try, and a few that look super yummy that are in no way, shape or form good for me, but I’m pretty sure I can “healthify” them!!  Of course, being a girl, my pinterest closet is bulging at the hinges even more so than my real world closet is and I’m a sucker for things that make me laugh too. What do you pin?

Like most things in life, pinterest has pros and cons. It can be a great  resource  for ideas, recipes, exercises and motivation if we choose to let it be. On the other hand, there’s all kinds of recipes for things that we shouldn’t be eating on there as well as the fact that sitting at the computer all day is in no way exercising and being active. Just like with  everything  in life, moderation is key. 🙂

So, pin away y’all, but don’t forget to get out and MOVE!! 🙂  Happy pinning!

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