Managing Weight Loss Expectations


On top of that fact, depending on your age and how much weight you have to lose, you will have a certain amount of excess skin. Again, depending on how much weight you have to lose, your skin elasticity and where your body stores it’s excess fat, you could have said excess skin in three or four areas, it could be limited to one or two areas or it could be more evenly distributed throughout your entire body.

Another factor to consider is how you lose the excess fat (whether you stick to diet only, diet and cardio only or incorporate lifting weights or personal training in Utah as well), how you eat while shedding the unwanted pounds (keep in mind that your skin is your largest organ, it needs nutrients, water, vitamins and minerals in order to be as healthy as possible-not to mention to retain as much elasticity as possible), and your body composition (ratio of fat to your lean muscle mass; another good reason to lift weights ;).

Think about it this way, if you drape a tablecloth over an easel, there’s a lot of tablecloth left with nothing to do other than just hang there. However, if you drape the same tablecloth over a chair, the tablecloth has more surface to cover and doesn’t hang, but rather, takes the shape of the chair. The only difference is the frame that you put the tablecloth over, make sense? The more muscle you put on your frame the less your skin will hang. Now, that’s not to be misunderstood as me saying that if you lift weights you won’t deal with loose skin, because realistically, you will. However, lifting weights can help improve your self confidence and self esteem as you near your goal by giving your skin a better frame to cover.

So, realistically, what can you expect to see in the mirror when you reach your goal?

While I can’t guarantee you a certain pant size, dress size or likeness to any given actor, actress or whomever it is you secretly desire to look like, I can guarantee you that the mirror will reflect a much healthier, much happier and much more fit reflection of you. I can tell you that you will be thinner, that you will will feel more attractive and more confident than you did before you began. I can tell you that there will be milestones along the way that will make you feel like jumping up and down, like shouting to the entire world, all of which will indeed be a cause for celebration. I can tell you that you will not regret, for a single second, your decision, commitment or dedication to making the journey and I can tell you without any hesitation whatsoever, you will wish you had done it sooner. 🙂

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