Lunges (The RIGHT Way)


Lunges are a fantastic exercise for your glutes, hamstrings and quads. However, if your form is off, you’re gonna get hurt. Maybe you won’t feel it  today or even tomorrow. You may not feel it for 20 years or so. That’s because lunges done incorrectly, trash your knee joints. So here’s how you can ensure that your knees stay safe and your glutes firm up. (Just in time for swim suit season!)

  1. Begin by standing nice and tall with both feet together. You’ll want to make sure you have a pretty good stretch of free space. Tighten your core, now bring your chest out and your shoulders back.
  2. Take the largest step you can and lunge down, making sure that your back  knee does NOT touch the ground.   Your front knee should be at a 90 degree angle and should not EVER come over your toes. Keep your body-weight in your FRONT heel as you bring yourself up  and  your feet come back together. Pause.
  3. Breathe.   There is no rush on this. It is more important to learn correct form than it is to rush through them.   Speed will come as you become more comfortable with them. I promise.
  4. Step out, taking as large a step as possible, with your opposite foot. Make sure your back knee is not touching the ground and your front knee is at a 90 degree angle. Keep your body-weight in your FRONT heel as you come up and your feet come back together. Pause.
  5. Repeat for 3 sets of an even number so that you do the same number of lunges with each leg. Work up to where you can do 3 sets of 20 lunges. When you get to that point and need to progress, start grabbing weights.
  6. Don’t forget to breathe. Check your form periodically. Is your core tight? Are your shoulders back? Is your chest out?   Are you breathing or are you holding your breath?

When I first start a client on lunges the most common issue is balance. In the beginning, if you need to hold on to a railing or use a wall for balance that’s okay. Remember though, that balance comes from your core. If you find yourself a little wobbly, tighten your abs (suck it in) and pay attention to the difference it makes in your balance. It’s pretty amazing! Happy Lunging!

*You should speak with a physician before beginning this or any other exercise or exercise routine.

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