Whatdaya Want from Me?


I was walking towards the stairs the other day when a gal came up to me and proceeded to start a conversation about how helpful she had found my current post along with “the majority” of my previous posts. I was glad to hear that she had found them useful and thanked her very much for sharing her thoughts with me. Two days later, I had a different woman approach me and ask me when I was going to post some more recipes and exercises. That, while she found all my “mumbo jumbo kinda interesting”, she wanted to get down to the “fun stuff”. With all of this running through my head, I had a bit of anxiety about writing this particular post…. I realize that you can not please all of the people all of the time. However, as a perpetual perfectionist with a touch of OCD, I continue to try.

So, what I have decided to do for this post is ask you to please leave a comment for me at the bottom of this post (for those of you that are concerned about everyone seeing what you have written, nobody will see your comment until I approve it to be on the site…if you don’t want it to be seen just make a note of it and I will keep it off the site). Are you interested or curious about a certain type of exercise? Let me know, we’ll talk about it! Do you have a question or two (or three) on ┬ánutrition, exercise or healthy living? Just ask, if I don’t already have the answer, I’ll find it! Has there been a past post that you really enjoyed? Is there anything you want to see discussed here on transformationtrainer.com?

*Note: If there are no comments left, then I don’t want to hear anymore complaining! ­čśë

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