Criss Cross Crunches


This  variation on the traditional crunch is a great way to target your obliques. You should feel your entire core engaged while performing these which makes for a great burn all the way around your midsection. If you’ve got hardwood floors or tile, you’ll want a mat to do these on, unless you’re glutton for punishment.

1.   Begin by laying face up on the ground with your feet flat on the mat, knees bent. Bring your right foot up, place  your right ankle on your left knee.

2.   Make sure to support your head but be careful not to pull your head forward as you crunch up and come across your body to bring your left elbow as close as you can to your right knee. Repeat  for a total of 15 reps.

3.   Now switch feet and elbows and do 15 repetitions on  the other side. Repeat both sides for a total of 2-3 sets each side.

A lot of people find that they feel their abs burning while they do this version of the crunch, but trust me, it is hitting  your obliques- give it a day or two -you’ll feel it! 😉

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